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The Parrot Pictures is a subsidiary of The Magic Empire, both being part of the Events and Entertainment industry in Singapore. What differentiates The Parrot Pictures from the rest of the other photo booth providers, is that we include LIVE exotic macaw parrots into the photo taking sessions. Thus creating a breath of fresh air and also elevating the photo booth scene in Singapore to the next level.

The founders of The Parrot Pictures namely Sherman and Helen started out providing professional photo booth services since August 2014 operating under The Magic Empire. As the business expanded, they decided to be more specialized, hence founded The Parrot Pictures solely for photo booth services and event photography.

Sherman is a working magician and has been performing for more than 10 years. He is a bird lover and performs his unique Parrot Illusion Show for corporate events, family day events, mall events, etc. All the parrots for photo booths and his stage shows are his beloved pets and he spends a lot of his time training and bonding with them. Parrots are exotic birds that we do not get to see very often. He hopes to share this unique experience by bringing the studio and the parrots to your events!

Helen, an animal lover and an photography enthusiast, has been in the sales and customer service industry for about 10 years. She joined Sherman in 2014 to be his full time assistant for his magic performances and now spearhead The Parrot Pictures. Check out Helen’s Portfolio at our Image Gallery

“The parrot concept is a breath of fresh air compared to all the other photo booths out there”

Michael Phua

“Waiting in the looooong line to take pictures with the parrots was definitely worth it!”

Siew Choo

“At first I thought the parrots were fake! I couldn’t believe that I could take pictures with real parrots other then in Jurong Bird Park”

Ms Janice Ong

“Two thumbs up! What an exciting and unique experience!”

Ms Choi Eng

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