Kids Photography for Children’s Day

Kids Photography is one of my favourite kind of photoshoot!! Everyone of us only has one childhood. Children grows up very fast hence I personally enjoys capturing their incredible expressions for their parents. Kids Photography is an art that freezes that moment of their life as a great memory for parents and not forgetting the teachers. We are honoured to hired by Hundred Thoughts Preschool to be part of their Children’s Day celebrations.

A little tip to share with parents and teachers who are into kids photography for their own children and students respectively: always go down to their level. I learnt this tip when I first started out as a photographer from a professional photographer. In order to capture the best of them, we need to be in sitting down position, squating or kneeling so that our cameras are that of the height of the children.

I do a lot of kids photo shoot because Sherman, other than being an Emcee, is also a Kids Entertainer for birthday parties, family day etc. Every party or celebrations are different and the reactions of the kids present are also different, hence making my job as a photographer interesting!! Some love to pose for the camera, while some are really shy and will look away. I love to bring out the best shot in every kid who are present because children are simply too precious!!

Another job satisfaction in kids photography is able to spot unique moments such as this little girl from Korea and her mother.

Apart from the kids, it gives me great joy seeing the mummies and daddies enjoying themselves as much as the kids!!