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Its been awhile since i last updated the blog due to our busy schedule. The Parrot Pictures were hired for the 3rd time this year for our parrot photo booth on the 31st March 2016 and like always it was fun times for the guests as well as our birds. The birds always seems to enjoy themselves when they are “out”. 🙂

The above picture shows the setup for that day. Lots of props on top of the parrots. And you guessed it, Helen was the one who displayed everything with perfection. 🙂 The start time of the event was 8am thus we had to setup up the day before. Its always nice to setup in advance. And because everything was already set up before that morning, we were able to play with our parrots before show time. Check out some of the pictures.

The picture here shows Sasha standing on my head. He is one parrot that doesn’t need to eat or sleep… Just as long as he has my company.

Sasha trying to grab my glasses…

There was a huge pile of coke cartons just beside our photo booth. The entire pile measured about 8 metres in length and about 3 metres in height. Our Scarlet Macaw Ruby decided to climb onto the wall. he is the most hyper parrot out of all.

This picture shows Luigi (most of the time we call him GIGI) standing on my shoulder. Gigi and Sasha always fight for my attention. Thus i always have to let them take turns to stand on my shoulder, or head, or just cling onto my t-shirt.. Well, they are like kids. And that’s the fun of being a parrot owner.

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