Parrot Photo Booth at the Marina Mandarin Hotel – (The Parrot Pictures) Photo booth services in Singapore

Here is another Parrot Photo Booth in the same day. This time at the Marina Mandarin Hotel for Premier Security Co-Operative Limited. The photo booth area was allocated in a spacious area which is always a good thing because not only do we need space for our parrots, we also bring along props so that guests can have fun taking pictures with the parrots and props at the same time. You can only find this combination at The Parrot Pictures. 🙂

Our client opted for the colourful backdrop thus we provided our rainbow mylar backdrop. Shining and outstanding. This option is also one of our favourite.

The site was actually quite dark but have no fear. We always bring along our portable constant lighting (as shown on the top left corner of the picture). So if you have an event in a venue with dim lighting, don’t worry. We have that part covered. 🙂 The constant light that we provide is not glaring for guests because we bounce the light from an umbrella. So your guest will not feel the glare of the light and still have fun taking pictures in a well light area.

Here is one of our sample pictures of the event. The two ladies opted to take pictures with our Scarlet Macaw, Ruby. As you can see Ruby is quite the “performer”. Always getting into very unique poses. 🙂

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