Pets Photography – Ginger The Community Cat

Our pets will not be with us forever. Their lifespan is usually a sweet 10-20 years. Pets Photography is able to capture the precious moments of their life and how they behave as a response of their love for you. Pets Photography is also an aid to our memories and it will always bring a smile to you as you look back at the picture taken many years later.

This is Ginger-Boy, the ginger cat that resides in my block. I consider him as one of my pets as I have been feeding him and taking care of him since April 2016 when Sherman and myself moved into this new neighbourhood. Ginger-Boy was also new back then, probably abandoned and was very skinny. Since we are both new in the area, I thought we can just give each other some “comfort”. While many others named him Tiger, I prefer to call him Ginger-Boy.

He never fails to come to me for his dinner every night. He responds to me with a gentle “meow” every time I called out to him for his dinner. He went missing on the 27th July 2017 for 3 days and when I managed to find him on the 30th July 2017 with the help of my neighbour staying on level 1, he was badly injured. My neighbour witnessed him being attacked by some stray dogs but he survived. He was hospitalised for 15 days and was completely healed. All thanks to Dr Rachel Soh and Dr Pearlyn from The Animal Doctors! When I did this photoshoot for him, his fur shaven by the vet on his right thigh (so that they can clean his wounds) had not fully grown back yet. Nonetheless in my eyes, he is always handsome and yes, cheeky!!